I became interested in wildlife photography a relatively short time from now. An approach that is still in place, because what surrounds us is so large and varied that constantly requires insights, research, curiosity and taste for the discovery.

Slowly the need to get the shots is decreased increasingly giving way to what I consider a state of well-being that comes mainly from being ‘in contact’. With my pictures I hope to let you enjoy a little more of what we have around and that should never be solely relegated to get a picture or a beautiful document, but be a priority for all of us.

There are three class of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown and those who do not see (Leonardo Da Vinci).

From my journey to photography I have used many equipment and technique. From the wider fisheye to longest telephoto lens.
Heavy equipment and big backpack to carry around. At this time after years of researching, testing, experimenting I’m stuck with a lightweight and compact equipment that give me all I need. The compactness and lightness of my backpack allow me to walk for hours to reach new locations. Also I can carry my drone with all the photography equipment.